Transnational Meetings with teachers

Kilkis, Greece – 11/2019

In the first transnationial meeting participated two persons from each country, total fourteen persons.

In this first transnational meeting the works were explained, validated, as well as were shared to the partners.

The timetable was confirmed. All the participants collaborated with success in this meeting.

The detailed and thorough presentation and the careful allocation of the project’s activities guaranteed its success.


Ostrava, Czech Rep. – 12/2020 (online because of Covid)

The Erasmus+ program “The love of reading” is in progress. According to schedule, the 2nd transnational meeting of all the partners (Greece, Cyprus, Italy ,Spain, Romania, Czech Republic) was held online from 1-2/12/2020 and was successfully completed.

During the meeting, were planned the future steps of the project under Covid-19 conditions and was presented the creation of the first online library in Europe, a fundamental activity of the project. The e-library will be gradually enriched by thousands of e-books in English language available for free for all European pupils.



Iasi, Romania – 10/2021

There has been made an evaluation of the meetings and activities completed so far. Moreover, regarding the e-books that will be uploaded in the e-library, all the books were divided equally so that every participant country will upload 60 e-books. Finally, there has been made a test to check the function of the online Reading club and it was successful.

Cyprus – 6/2022


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