Gymnasio Latsion (Cyprus)

The Gymnasium of Latsia is a public school based in Latsia a small village at the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. The school is big sized with 66 teachers and 426 students. The school runs 18 classes of general education, All the classrooms are equipped with PCs with internet access and fixed projectors.

The school also has 4 Computer labs, a Science lab, a Technology lab, an Art lab, a Chemistry lab, a Biology lab and a Music classroom. Moreover, it has a room for conducting events, which is fully equipped, and a gym. All the classrooms are special classes for each and every lesson (History class, Math class, Modern Greek class, English class e.t.c) Our school is specialized in students with learning difficulties. We make private lessons for students with learning difficulties. We have 13 special classes where the student are being tought Modern Greek, Maths and Science.

We have 1 special class for a blind child, 1 class for a deaf child and 1 classroom for children with down syndrome. Our school has run an Erasmus+ program for students with learning difficulties called: “Equal educational opportunities for students with learning difficulties”(2014-2016), an Erasmus+ program called: Supporting schools for a better Europe. Fighting xenophobia with education (2015- 2018) and now it has an ongoing Erasmus+ program called: (2017-2019) What is more, the school has a great experience in implementing European programs, as it has participated in 1 Comenius and 3 Erasmus+ as a partner. The coordinator of the program has been a coordinator before at the Erasmus + project called: “Equal educational opportunities for students with learning difficulties”. She has also worked with the Greek coordinator on that particular program and their cooperation was excellent.

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Coordinator: Alexia Charalambides,

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