Thanks to the LTT (Learning Teaching Training) meetings, we have the opportunity to exchange experiences and to rebuild our educational practices. We will attempt to make the students love school and education, through literature books. Their repulsion for studying, which often leads them to leaving school or avoiding higher education, is often due to the students not understanding the texts. Through discussing a literature book (about a subject which is thought to be interesting by them), at Reading clubs, the students will develop critical thinking, creativity and the ability to understand and comprehend the content of texts. The love of books, will lead to the love of school, which will result in less students leaving school, and more students choosing to proceed to higher education. The attempt to develop the love of reading will not have limited potential. It will keep on evolving after the end of the project, via the development of e-library and of the Web Reading club.

Through these meetings, we will have additional important results:

    • Firstly, it will teach the students about the social and cultural environment of the five countries. It will also acquire the students with knowledge about different studying strategies from the other countries.
    • Furthermore, the meetings let us to create a link amongst Greece, Cyprus, Italy, The Czech Republic,Spain and Romania. • Developing the students’ personal autonomy, enabling them to make it on their own outside the family environment, from which they will have to exit in the future and for the rest of their adult lives.
    • Teaching the students how to adapt to new social situations.
    • Teaching the students to accept diversity.
    • Improving the students’ linguistic competence in the global “lingua franca”.
    • And lastly, the meetings encourage the use of ICT in education. Our students have the chance to spend time in these European countries, and experience the different lifestyles. This project creates new friendships amongst students and teachers of different countries. Friendships which may last forever. The students’ families are going to realize the vast variety of cultures Europe consists of, via hosting students from other countries, with different traditions, and lifestyles.

Additionally, during the project 4 transnational meetings will be held. The first one was held in Kilkis (Greece), the second will be held in Ostrava (Czech), the third one in Iasi (Romania) and the fourth one in Nicosia(Cyprus). In those meetings two persons per partner participate in every meeting. The persons who participate in the meetings are the coordinators of each partner and the teachers who are responsible for the Teaching-Learning- Training meetings and for the e-library of every partner country. The work sharing, the understanding of the activities that every partner has undertaken and the control of the work progression will play an important role in the success of the project . For all these, apart from the online meetings and the contacts via e-mail, the direct contact of the partners in the transnational meetings will be necessary.


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