Transnational Meetings

Kilkis, Greece

4/11/2019 – 8/11/2019

In the first transnationial meeting participated two people from each country, total fourteen people.

The different works were explained, validated and shared to the partners.

The project agenda was confirmed.

All the participants collaborated with success in this meeting.

The detailed and thorough presentation and the careful allocation of the project’s activities guaranteed its success.

Ostrava, Czech Rep.

1/12/2020 – 2/12/2020 (online because of Covid)

The Erasmus+ program “The love of reading” is in progress. According to schedule, the 2nd transnational meeting of all the partners (Greece, Cyprus, Italy ,Spain, Romania, Czech Republic) was held online from 1-2/12/2020 and was successfully completed.

During the meeting, were planned the future steps of the project under Covid-19 conditions and was presented the creation of the first online library in Europe, a fundamental activity of the project. The e-library will be gradually enriched by thousands of e-books in English language available for free for all European pupils.

Later we met face to face, see the details below.

Iasi, Romania

3/9/2021 – 11/9/2021

There has been made an evaluation of the meetings and activities completed so far. Moreover, regarding the e-books that will be uploaded in the e-library, all the books were divided equally so that every participant country will upload 60 e-books. Finally, there has been made a test to check the function of the online Reading club and it was successful.

Ostrava, Czech Rep.

27/4/2022 – 1/5/2022

From April 27th to May 1st 2022, a transnational meeting was held in Ostrava, attended by representatives of all participating organisations.

From Greece came Mr. Fotis Papathanail – main coordinator of the project and Mr. Yanis Linardakis – director of Gymnasio Kilkis.

From Spain came Ms Silvia Thomas and Mr Jesús Marín Navarro – high school teachers from IES Aguadulce.

From the Gymnasium Na Vítězné pláni in Prague, the teachers Mrs. Andronika Čolasová and Mrs. Ingrid Birhanzl participated.

The Italian St. Thomas’s International School was represented by its headteacher Mr. Isaac Driver.

From Cyprus came the teachers from Gymnasio Latsion Mrs. Martha Zouma and Mrs. Maria Antreou.

From Romania came the director of the Iasi County Library, Mr. Dan Dobos, and his colleague Mrs. Elena Carina Munteanu.

Outputs of the project
The task of Moravian-Silesian Research Library in the project was to create a freely accessible e-library and to fill it with content in cooperation with partners.

The basis of the e-library is a collection of English books, with books in the national languages of the participating countries being extended progressively.

This e-library is publicly accessible at:

Other outputs are regular reading clubs for students and the production of various teaching materials for the books, such as crosswords, worksheets, etc.

Meeting programme
The agenda of the meeting was mainly to solve tasks related to the implementation of the project. An
integral part of each meeting is also establishing personal contacts, sharing working experience and getting to know the participating organizations and the countries visited. In Ostrava, we gave the partners
a tour of the library, a short workshop with educational robots in our makerspace workshop and an introduction to the digitization workplace.

Visitors were very enthusiastic about the concert of the Janáček Philharmonics Ostrava, and we organized
a guided tour of the Lower Vítkovice area and the Landek Mining Museum. We showed the participants Ostrava from the height of the City Hall Tower and we finished the visit with a trip to Hukvaldy Castle and
the historic town of Štramberk. Part of the exploration of our region was also a tasting of local food and regional products – the souvenirs were, among other things, special cakes called frgals and a local sweet called Štramberk ears.

Participation in the meeting was paid by the participants from the project funds of the individual organisations.

MSRL as the host organisation was responsible for the preparation, organisation of the
programme and its financial settlement.

We had an enthusiastic response to the meeting in Ostrava and
very good feedback. We would like to thank all our colleagues from the library who helped us to organize
the event and create a nice atmosphere for the meeting. The friends from the project felt that they were welcome and appreciated the opportunity to get to know our library and our region. We hope to use the
good relations across Europe that we have established in this way in future international projects.

Nicosia, Cyprus

20/6/2022 – 22/6/2022

This will be the last transnational meeting to close the project

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