IES Aguadulce (Spain)

       IES Aguadulce is a public High School of compulsory secondary education. It is located in Aguadulce, town of Roquetas de Mar, Almería. Aguadulce has around 15.500 people. Nowadays we are the only high school that offers Bilingual Baccalaureate. Our students can also study Secondary Education and Computers Science’s VET. We are the only public High School teaching Computers Science Vocational education training online in the region and we are also reference school for online teaching. This means that our school welcomes students from all Andalusia to do all specialties VET online tests.In the current school year, 2018/19 we have 1615 students enrolled and 85 teachers. In the school the following plans and projects among others are implemented: “School: Area of Peace”, “CoEducation”, Educational Small Busnisses, Innicia, Coexistence at school, Sportive school, Bilingual school (English) In the last years we have received several awards related to coexistence, coeducation,AND equality between men and women.

We think school should not be only the place of academic learning, but it must also be a space for the affirmation and the promotion of a culture of citizenship, personal development and awakening of civic awareness.

The Erasmus project has several attractions for our school: it sets a social and emotional cohesion which is not taken for granted. It is based on creating a link among pupils from all kinds of ethnic, social and cultural origins throughout Europe. Our project is more in keeping with the evolution of our society into a multicultural one that MAY allow our pupils and teachers to discover other schools and other daily lives reality in other different countries in Europe.

The management team supports the initiative, and has as a line of work to try to give a European dimension to the school, involving it in European projects, which allow our students to have a more global training, and acquire linguistic, multicultural and professional competences within a scope supranational, which are considered very necessary for their near future and that will greatly improve their employability and their personal autonomy, too.

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