The love of reading

Nowadays, a gradual distancing of young people from the book is observed by teachers. The written word has lessened due to image and sound. Reading a book isn’t one of teenagers’ priorities. As teachers, we are aware that the friendly relationship with a book helps:

The development of language expression

The critical thinking

The creativity

The development of the pleasure to read

The strengthening of the interpretative capability

The development of their emotional world

Also, as educators, we know that good communication is vital for successful learning and that’s why we chose the activities (theatrical sketch, videoclip, etc. ) developed, related to the topics of the literature books, to lead to the development of communication skills so as to help pupils understand and explain the world around them, share ideas and feelings.

In this project, 5 schools (Greece,Spain,Czech,Italy,Cyprus) and 2 libraries (Czech,Romania) take part. All partners have great experience in implementing projects, except for the library of Iasi (Romania), which participates in a European project for the first time, but it has great experience in local projects, and even wider one, as a lending library as well as organizing Reading Clubs.
The teachers participating in the project are very experienced in organizing and taking part in Reading Clubs. The two libraries have great experience in organizing and managing an e-library (dealing with thousands of visitors), Reading Clubs and web Reading Clubs. The experience and quality of the partners
guarantee the successful implementation of the project.

The main activities of the project will be the 6 Language, Teaching, Training meetings, from which the five ones will be carried out with the physical presence of pupils at the partners’ schools, while the 6th meeting will be a pilot web Reading Club. In each one of these meetings, creative activities (theatrical sketch, video-clip,illustration,collage, creative writting, etc.) will be realized relating each time to one of the chosen topics: Youth and Family, Youth and History, Bullying-Racism
Xenophobia, Science Fiction, Arts and Sports, Classic Literature for Young People. Topics which are interesting and attractive for young people. Before each meeting the participants will have read a literature book of their country related to the topic of the meeting and, through the activities which will take place there, they will develop the skills relating to:




Critical thinking



And emotional pleasure

These activities will, also, make pupils love the book -which is the main aim of the project. At the same time, they will develop skills in English language and digital technology (through the e-library and the Web Reading Club), they will get familiar with the culture and customs of other people and they will become active members of the multicultural Europe.

These benefits will be long-term because the e-library and the Web Reading Clubs will be operating, even after the end of the project , with participation of pupils from all the E.U . The Library of Ostrava will be responsible for the e-library and the Library of Iasi will run the Web Reading Clubs.

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